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In this article we will talk in detail regarding the proper functioning or smooth running of an android phone or rather any smartphone and make your smartphone faster. This article will probably clear all the common doubts occupying the mind of the readers. In this article the steps to make a smartphone run faster will be discussed in detail. There are many common ways to enhance the smooth working of a smartphone which are known to the majority of the people but sometimes these methods fail to provide the accuracy which we look for in our smartphones. So, here the detailed methods to boost the working of a smartphone will be discussed further.

The most common issue in the smartphones nowadays is that the phones start to feel slow after using them for a couple of months specially in the cases of android users. The phones having high end processors become slow after a longer period of time while the smartphones having low level chipsets and processors tend to hang and lag more often thus causing a disruption into the essential work of the user. This is where the need comes to make a smartphone faster by improving its performance stabilizations.

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These are the following steps which one can apply to improve the phone speed:

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The above term refers to both the updating of hardware as well as software components. When we see that the phone is lagging or the desired speed level is not being achieved then we should go for the updating of the apps from the respective store of the smartphone. Sometimes switching to the latest software updates of the phone too along with the apps results in the increase of the speed in a smartphone thus making the smartphone faster. The operating system and the apps after being updated customize themselves with the new environment thus paving a way to a smoother performance. Sometimes the hardware peripherals too can be responsible for the malfunctioning of a smartphone if it has been purchased a long time ago. This can be fixed by changing some of the components like the battery which may have worn out with longer usage or even cleaning of the dust particles coagulated over the phone memory or physical body can also make a smartphone faster.


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We keep all our important apps pinned to the home screen itself for our ease of accessibility. But this can be the reason of the lagging of our smartphone when we pin too many apps to the home screen. So, we should only pin our highly used apps to the home screen and when a lot of apps has been pinned then it should be cleared often to make our smartphone faster. Too large apps should be avoided to be pinned to the screen enhancing the optimization of both hardware and software of the phone. This point is truly important and should be always kept in mind when the speeding up the smartphone is the concern.


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When we use a large number of apps then the performance of the phone degrades automatically. The apps consume a lot of battery as well as memory space too thus reducing the speed rate of the smartphone. To speed up the smartphones one should use the lighter version of the apps available in the stores. For example, when one is using Facebook, one should use the app Facebook lite instead of the larger Facebook app version. This will result in both the faster opening of the smartphone as well as the app itself making the smartphone faster.


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When we download a lot number of documents, images or apps then the memory of the smartphone becomes occupied and sometimes this prevents the downloading of the necessary applications too. So, in order to solve this problem one should clear all the unnecessary file often and keep the phone in optimal condition. The memory is an important part of the smartphone which should be taken care off. There comes a number of apps in the store or sometimes inbuilt too with the names like memory manager etc. which can clean all our unused and unnecessary files thus clearing the phone and making it work at a faster rate by speeding up the smartphone and making the phone software faster.


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While we use a smartphone, a number of processes run internally inside it. These processes are termed as background processes which include the previously opened apps still functioning and other processes. These processes should be made to stop immediately when detected because this can hamper the speed of the current running app thus restricting it to provide the proper performance. These processes when made to stop can help the smartphone to work properly by making the phone software faster. This will make your smartphone faster.


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This mode should be enabled when we are using the mobile data itself. Using this feature allows us to save a lot of data along with the prevention of downloading unwanted harmful files from the internet thus saving both the memory space and data as well speeding up the smartphone. This feature comes inbuilt in all the smartphones thus making the phone software faster.


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We often keep and download large apps which becomes a boulder in the path of the proper functioning of a smartphone. These apps often create a lot of nuisance not only by occupying a large amount of memory but also by asking for a number of user permissions too which can affect the clock speed limit of the processor. So, one should uninstall or delete those apps which are not needed at all. This will help in speeding up the smartphone making the phone software faster than the previous times and is mostly a very common problem nowadays.



This is one of the uncommon processes and the most effective too although one is not aware of this. If a user knows the details of how to root a phone processor then this process is an easy one and works very effectively. This process can help really by making the smartphone faster There are a number of apps available for rooting a smartphone whose details will be provided here.


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One can turn off the back-up options of the smartphone for a certain period of time to enhance its performance. Many of us add a number of our accounts by configuring them to auto back-up which can be the reason of a phone becoming slow. It is always advised to use a single account to back-up or auto sync the information. Some of the users also put a number of animated slides as their wallpapers and home screens which makes the phone further slower also consuming the battery power too. To make your smartphone faster these wallpapers can be easily replaced with very simple ones thus making the phone work at a faster rate and avoiding the malfunctioning of a smartphone.


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There are a number of ways where a phone can be restarted. The most common option comes when the power button is pressed for long. This option may not always work when the phone has hanged brutally so in that case the phone needs to have a hard reset being performed. This hard reset can be done easily from here. This is as easy process which can really make a smartphone work faster. This process clears all the cache memory and the registers of the phone thus giving it the desired output speed. This is the last option which one should opt for when no other processes is working and this process is also known as factory reset process which clears all the data of a smartphone returning it to all its default settings which one had obtained when the phone had been purchased.

These are some of the methods which can be used to make a smartphone faster. Hope this article will solve the common doubts regarding the speed associated with a smartphone.

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