ACCIOTALKS started with an idea………

An idea that caused 3 undergraduate engineers to think differently. An idea driven with enthusiasm and bolstered by some quality hard work to carve a niche in the technological and educational sector. ACCIOTALKS started its maiden journey with very limited funding and resources to leave a mark in the minds of the readers during the coming days.

There are three sections as of now in the above stated website, naming: TECH, REVIEWS & TIPS and TRICKS respectively.

In the TECH section we provide the world information regarding all the technological advancements going on around us. We share news related to technology in easy language understandable by everyone that is the common people. This section is unique in its own way as it shares stories related to the newly launched gadgets around the different parts of the world with their mechanisms in detail. TECH section mostly focuses on the improvement of new articles everyday due to the faster evolution of the electronics around us. The articles of our website are different than any other tech sites as we post articles which are appropriate for every age group and those which are rarely found around the web thus distinguishing it from other websites.

In the REVIEWS section we help the tech freaks around the world in choosing the right accessories and equipment’s for their purposes to be served fully. Here, a unique accessory is taken into account every time and an in-dept review is provided about it with all the advantages and disadvantages after a ton of research work. The reviews provided are completely unbiased in nature and solely focuses on the well-being of the readers, by suggesting them to decide the ideal components for them. The REVIEWS section provides reviews of the gadgets only after we use them that is physically tested and not something hypothetical in nature. This section provides our verdicts related to recent smartphones as well as other electronic gadgets too with computer peripherals for gaming purposes as well. This is the most important and verified part of our website where each and every article is written with great care so that the readers are able to actually rely on us after using the products suggested by us.

The last part in our website is the section of TIPS & TRICKS. This section has been designed to supply the world with necessary easier processes which majority of the people are not aware of. This section deals with the provision of gaining step by step methods of solving the problems which one may encounter while dealing with the configuration of major gadgets. The ‘TIPS & TRICKS’ section showcases various easy ways to deal with the common problems around us , thus focusing the need to obtain greater accuracy and performance rate when the programming of the gadget is being taken into account. In simple words we provide easy going solution for the problems encountered by the readers with proper pictographic representations and screenshots of the solutions tested practically by us.

The website is mainly designed to provide satisfaction among the readers, aiming to solve their doubts in the concerned fields. This is a purely information-based website with the idea of making a place permanently into the minds of the readers and does not intent to provide any fake information just for the purpose of gaining views. This website is solely built on the pillars of honesty and hard work with a purpose of serving millions of people across the world, thus becoming a milestone in the history of technology with time.

Basically, on the whole, in this website, we share our reviews of various electronic gadgets being introduced around us after gaining an insight about the specifications of the particular launched product. We share information related to recent trends in technology as well as educational advancements in the fields of coding, striving hard to make it reachable to the common people. We also work within ourselves to create quality content focusing on the specific topics which are unknown to most of the people.

Whenever and wherever there is need of guidance in fields of technology and education, our presence will be felt……………

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