Best Tips to Increase Phone Battery Life in 20 Mins.

Tired of charging your phone 4 times a day? We are here to help you. These tips will help you to increase phone battery life in 20 mins.

With the increasing usage of smartphones all around, people are in search of smartphones which have a long-lasting battery life. This specification is considered to be one of the major features after the choice of processors and GPU are considered. All the phones are powered with a non-removable lithium polymer battery which provides the phone a good battery life but sometimes the batteries start to malfunction unable to fulfill our expectations.

So, here in this article all the detailed procedures to increase phone battery life will be discussed. The increase of phone battery life consists of a series of steps and can be done with ease. Increasing of the battery life of an android or any other phone involves the increase of both the longevity of the battery along with the increase of phone battery life for daily usage.

The steps stated below can be used to increase phone battery life effectively in android as well as other smartphones:

Understanding the Method of Battery Degradation Process

The battery of a smartphone follows a particular system of degradation which is directly proportional to the cycle of charging. The cycle of charging refers to the process of charging the smartphone from 0 to 100.

So, it is stated by the battery manufacturers that charging the phones often results in the degradation of the battery life, thus to increase phone battery life, it is advised to charge the phones less frequently that is when the phone battery becomes completely low. If we charge the battery more often that is like when the battery has drained by 40% then we put in charging condition and again when little battery drains, we put it into charge again.

This degrades the phone battery life so to increase the phone battery life it would have been better to charge it once when it had drained to less than 10% thus opting for one cycle of charge rather than two or three cycles. Its is known that after 400 cycles of charge the phone battery life decreases by 20%.

Detecting Where the Phone is Consuming More Power

increase phone battery life

One can go to the phone settings to know about the apps or processes which are consuming more battery or have consumed more battery. This process can help to increase phone battery life and this feature is available in all the smartphones both android and iOS devices.

This feature helps one to get the accurate data to where one should stop spending more time thus detecting the proper loss of battery power. In each smartphone there comes a feature to optimize the battery and regulate all the processes. All the settings of the android and iOS devices usually provide a graph indicating the battery consumption to regulate it helping to increase phone battery life, similar to the picture shown.

This feature in iOS devices are better than the android smartphones as in iOS devices it clearly indicates the amount of activity which one has done in each app with respect to the total screen-on time thus enabling one to focus on the increase of phone battery life.

Switching ON Battery Saving Mode

increase phone battery life

This feature is available in all the smartphones which help a lot to increase phone battery life. The phone battery life can be increased just after switching on the appropriate power mode.

In android there are three types of power saving modes available with respect to the obligations of the features which the user is using along with another option known as adaptive battery or optimized battery which is the best among all other available options in android.

Whereas in case of the iOS devices, the batteries are highly optimized in nature and there comes no necessity to further optimize them, and if one needs to still increase the battery life then just switching the power saving mode will fulfill all the purposes. This is the most effective way to increase phone battery life with just a click or tap.

Restricting the Background Processes

increase phone battery life

This is one of the most important aspect to be considered when the main concern is to increase phone battery life. There are a number of processes which always work in the background of the smartphone without the user knowledge.

So, it is better if one switches off or limits these processes in android or iOS devices. This option usually comes in the developer menu which one needs to enable in order to restrict the background process to increase phone battery life. The steps to enable developer mode is discussed here in detail for the ease of users. The background processes even cause a number of interruptions in the smooth working of a smartphone, thus needing it to be controlled carefully.

Disabling or Uninstalling Non-Useful Apps

increase phone battery life

When we purchase a smartphone there comes a number of apps which are provided by the manufacturer itself although we do not need those. Majority of the times we ignore these apps and keep them in our android phones without using them a single time.

But do you all know that these apps can consume battery power without even our knowledge. So, one needs to uninstall or disable them in order to increase phone battery life. One can find the steps to uninstall apps from this link.  Doing this task will not only provide a better battery performance but will also clear out the memory thus enabling the smooth functioning of a phone.

The list of apps which consume most of the power are given here.

Extremes of Temperature

This can be one of the main reasons in losing of the longevity of the battery life of a smartphone. When the battery is facing extremes of temperature due to the mishandling or switching of locations from the user then this can lead to the permanent damage of the phone battery.

In order to increase phone battery life, it is always advised to not place the phone in either very hot or very cold temperature conditions. When the user is switching places of great temperature differences then one should carefully handle a smartphone thus providing it the ideal temperature for the smartphone to run smoothly.

Switching Off the Location Services

improve phone battery life

Nowadays all the smartphones have the location facility in order to access the maps with ease. But, this can be one of the main reasons for the quicker drainage of battery in the android and iOS devices. All the apps ask for the location permission in the smartphone even if it is not necessary, so it is advised that only the apps which need it mandatorily should be given this access as because if unnecessarily the location services of the phone is kept on, it may lead to the drainage of battery thus hampering the increase of phone battery life.

Location services are always kept ON by the manufacturing brand by default. Hence, this should be kept into notice after the purchasing of the smartphone so that the location service is switched ON only when it is needed thus increasing the phone battery life.

The procedure to turn ON the location services is given here in detail in an iOS device.

Handling the Connectivity Features

increase smartphone battery

In a smartphone, there is an availability of a number of wireless networks. These wireless networks may be the WI-FI connection or Bluetooth or other such connections. These connections consume a huge amount of battery power and so should be handled carefully.

It is better to turn these options OFF when one doesn’t need them or is not using them. This helps in enhancement of the phone battery life. These feature when switched off makes the phone connection dead with the external world, thus triggering OFF all the wave functionalities resulting in the gradual increase of phone battery life.

The rules to increase phone battery life after switching OFF the connections is very simple, one needs not to do anything manually, automatically the android or iOS phone software takes the action itself without the need of any user interference.

Fast Charging Feature

boost phone battery life

This feature has become a craze among all the smartphone users and is being considered as one of the main features while purchasing of a smartphone. The market has made to think us in a way that is fast charging is directly proportional to a good smartphone. But all should know the fact that fast charging is also directly proportional to fast charge draining.

Yes, you all read it correct. The faster the smartphone gets charged, the quicker is the drainage of its battery life. To increase phone battery life, one should ignore the usage of fast chargers as much as possible. This is a proven fact and hence one should be cautious about it without following the myths going on around the globe.

Fast charging should be used only in cases of emergencies otherwise the best option is to ignore them. Have anyone ever thought why the batteries provided by apple lasts longer and also takes time to charge? The answer lies in the question itself. Hope all have got a brief idea why the fast charging feature should be ignored in order to increase phone battery life.

Usage of Dark Mode Feature

increase phone battery life

This is the feature which is provided in all the android and iOS devices. A smartphone comes packed in two modes that is dark mode and bright mode. One can enable and disable this according to one’s choice in the settings of a smartphone.

The dark mode is specially designed for a number of purposes including the extending of phone battery life. The dark mode as its name suggests makes the phone darker making use of only a few color options in contrast to it unlikely the bright mode which uses an array of colors.

The dark mode not only helps to increase phone battery life but also provides a soothing effect to the eyes in a low light condition without any difficulty to access all the features of an android or iOS smartphone. Enabling this feature is a very easy process and one should mandatorily use it to increase phone battery life.

Phone Vibrations

increase phone battery life

The smartphone batteries consume a huge amount of their stored power just to produce the vibration which have been switched on in the smartphone settings. These vibrations occur frequently whenever there is an incoming call or notification thus reducing the battery life to a great extent whenever there is an incoming alert.

These vibrations can be switched off easily from the settings panel enabling one to increase phone battery life. The vibrations often consume a greater fraction of charge in every android or iOS smartphone without the user knowledge.

Hence, these productions of vibrations should not be taken lightly as it not only decreases the phone battery life but also causes a number of problems in human anatomy in the long run.

The procedures to turn off phone vibration in the latest android and iOS smartphones are being provided in detail.

Usage of Simple Screensavers and Wallpapers

The main reason for the loss of power in a smartphone can be the widgets, screensavers and wallpapers. Frequently the users put lavish and extraordinary wallpapers which are animated or which involve videos thus resulting in the loss of battery power.

The usage of simple inbuilt wallpapers or screensavers can help to increase phone battery life. When the main concern is the battery life of the smartphone then one should put the wallpapers intelligently. Usage of animated wallpapers is not effective in saving the battery life. One can put simple picture as the wallpaper or screen saver of the smartphone if one is not satisfied with the inbuilt ones. This reason should be taken care of and often becomes the reason for trouble including the lagging of the smartphones.

Adjusting the Screen Brightness

increase phone battery life

The screen brightness of a smartphone indicates the light opacity with which one is viewing the screen. Using the brightness level at a higher value can not only affect the eyes of the user but also helps in degradation o the battery life of the smartphone.

Technological experts often advice the people all around to not use high brightness screens in lower intensity of light, hence they suggest the usage of auto brightness feature available in each android and iOS smartphones thus allowing to increase phone battery life.

When the auto brightness feature is switched on the phone software automatically handles the brightness level of the screen without any user instruction and the sensors provided inside the phone do a petty good job in handling this. Although sometimes this feature provides large brightness levels irrespective of the environment around us, it is advised at that situation to manually regulate it for that particular point of time only.

Disabling of Virtual Assistants

increase phone battery life

Everyone is aware of the virtual assistants which come embedded in our smartphones. In the android devices we have the google assistant while in iOS devices it is named as Siri. By default, these assistants are enabled in our smartphone and are always running in the background without our knowledge thus consuming a great amount of power.

It is always recommended to turn the assistants OFF and only switch them ON when one needs it. The assistant although ease our tedious work processes by just using the commands of our voices but also consume a lot of battery charge as well. So, one should always keep this in mind when one wants to increase phone battery life.

Switching the Flashlight OFF

increase phone battery life

All the phones are pre-equipped with the flashlights which serves as a multi-purpose tool, while clicking photos as well as when one is in need of a handy emergency light. The flashlights used in the smartphones are composed of LED bulbs which are usually high intensity lights specially designed to light a huge amount of area only with the usage of a small light bulb.

From the above statement, one can imagine, what amount of charge the flashlight of the phone may consume when it is always kept ON. It may result in the total drainage of the phone battery. Hence one is always advised to keep the flashlight OFF other than in the times of need, if one want to increase phone battery life in the android or iOS devices.

Data Access

increase phone battery life

The data access permission is usually granted to each and every apps being used in the smartphones. The apps which are in need of data connection asks for this permission along with the apps which do not even need the data access also asks for it.

The data access feature can be manually controlled in a smartphone software. This can be responsible for the battery drainage of a smartphone. The data access should be manually disabled for the apps which do not need it to increase phone battery life. Disabling this will result in the saving of a huge amount of battery power along with the phone data as well.

One can also disable the phone data when one doesn’t need it or is not using it. Doing this will save both memory space and charge as well. The steps to disable mobile data and other is provided here.

Usage of Lighter Apps Versions

increase phone battery life

In the past some years, the social media companies have started to build the apps with same name with the suffix of the word ‘light’. As their name suggests these apps are indeed lighter in nature. They not only have a lighter background than their original app versions but also consume a lot less amount of data when being used and switch themselves off in the background when not in use.

These apps also occupy less amount of memory space and consume less amount of batter power as well. These apps are ideal for usage to increase phone battery life. There are a number of such apps available in both the android and iOS stores. Some of them are being listed here. One is advised to use these apps as an alternative over the original ones as these helps to boost the phone performance also providing all the features available in the actual app.

Reduction of Volume Levels

increase phone battery life

When this option is being stated, it refers to the reduction of all kinds of volumes available in a smartphone. The best way to do is to mute the smartphone as it automatically disables or lowers the volume level to null. The volume produced by the smartphone when the phone rings due to the incoming facilities require a huge amount of power.

The sound produced from the speaker consumes a major part of the phone battery, hence it is always advised to put the phone in mute condition or lower the volume manually in order to increase phone battery life. This is one of the most effective processes which one can enable.

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Handling the Screen Resolution of Smartphone

increase phone battery life

When a smartphone is purchased then by default the screen resolution of the smartphone is set to the highest level in both android and iOS devices. In order to reduce the consumption of battery power and increase phone battery life, one should always set the screen resolution level according to their need.

This can be easily controlled from the phone settings itself and is a very easy process. This process often provides a number of options to choose between them thus allowing the user to choose them according to their need. The in-detail information regarding screen resolution is being provided here.


This article clearly states the easy methods to increase phone battery life. The easy methods will enable one to access them without the need of additional technician help. The processes stated above are very easy and will probably clear all the common doubts related to the battery saving techniques required for a smartphone. This article is for informational purpose only and provides the easy ways to tackle all the common problems.

Nowadays all the smartphones have highly optimized batteries and so they do not need any third-party apps, although the above process will be effective in solving all the majority of problems and if the problems are still not solved then it is a high time that one needs to replace the phone battery.

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