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First let us know why it is necessary to clean our smartphone.

The usage of smartphone is very common nowadays among all the age groups. With the increasing trend of technologies, everybody has become accustomed to use a smartphone as it is a compact device which can solve all the problems related to web and technology. So, this is giving rise to a new electronic industry consisting of a number of brands which are solely responsible for the production of smartphones. But has anyone thought that a smartphone also needs to be taken care of when it comes to the hardware and software point of view?

We use the phones regularly given rise to the wear and tear of the components along with the memory storage being occupied because of increasing storing of data continuously. We know the proverb which states that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ but have anyone ever thought of applying this proverb while maintaining the quality of smartphones.

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The smartphones are also made of aluminum or plastic body which needs to be cleaned occasionally as it attracts dust particles which get stuck to the physical body of the smartphone thus resulting in the production of a dust layer which may cause a lot number of problems. The dust particles may clog the glass of the camera or the headphone jack or the USB charging port which may cause a number of problems to the smartphone itself. So, here in this article we are going to provide the necessary hacks to keep a phone clean both physically and internally.


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All the phone screens are made up of glass and so needs to be cleaned and maintained at least twice a week. When the maintenance of the screen is the concern then one should always apply a tempered glass to the screen immediately after buying a phone as it not only keeps the original glass clean and scratch free but also prevents the glass from breaking due to accidental damages.

To clean a phone screen, one needs to have access to a microfiber cloth or sachets of tissues dipped in alcohol which are usually provided with the screen guard or with a cleaning spray. If one doesn’t have those then one can buy the articles from the link provided. The microfiber cloth along with the cleansing gel can be used to clean the screen appropriately. One needs to just follow the series of some simple steps:

  1. Detach the tempered glass if it had been applied previously.
  2. Clean the phone screen with the microfiber cloth made wet with the application of the cleaning gel.
  3. Clean the screen with the dry side of the cloth.
  4. Now see minutely if any dirt is left and then apply a new tempered glass to the screen.

The above process can be repeated once a month if there is a presence of tempered glass but should be done twice a week at least when one hasn’t applied a protector to the screen.


The phone body needs to be cleaned often as the dust particles all around settle on the phone body, thus clogging a number of components. The best thing which one can do to prevent the settling of the dust particles on the phone is to equip it with a proper phone cover. It would be best if someone applies a hard cover to the phone or rather laminates the phone because this may prevent the coagulation of dust particles directly on the phone rather allowing it to settle on the cover which can be changed easily.

Steps to clean the phone body:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1

Remove the cover or the lamination of the phone.

Step 2

Take a dry cloth and dust out all the dirt which have settled on the phone body.

Step 3

Apply cleansing gel/Shining liquid on the body of the phone by some few drops.

Step 4

Clean the phone surface gently so that it doesn’t get scratched.

Step 5

Now again clean it with a dry cloth and apply the cover.


The phone ports need to be cleaned more often than the other peripherals as dust clogs more inside these parts when compared with the other peripherals. Moreover, u need a dusting brush available in the online stores to brush out dust clogged inside the ports.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Gently insert the brushes inside the ports of the phone and start to make vertical/horizontal movement till the dust particles start coming out.
  2. Repeat the steps till no more dust is left inside it.
  3. Do not enter any wet material inside the ports as it may damage the ports permanently.

The link to buy the brushes to keep the ports clean are being provided.


Our phone often gets full in terms of memory by the storage of unwanted apk or pdf files often. This can be easily solved by cleaning the cache memory and the registers of the phone. The manual process to clean a phone memory may be hectic as there may exists numerous apps which are not in our knowledge.

SO, the best way to cope with this kind of problems is to free the phone memory by either storing all our necessary articles in the cloud form that is in google driver or other similar apps in order to free the internal storage system of our phone effectively and smartly. The other way to solve this problem is to download a number of apps available in the stores of the smartphones which automatically detects the non-useful files or apps in our phone and starts to erase them after they receive the administrator permission that is the user. Apps like Files by Google can do this job.

These apps are very effective in nature and comes handy in a number of times thus allowing the phone to run smoothly without occupying a larger part of the phone memory by deleting all the unnecessary items stored in the phone.

These are the ways with which one can have a brief idea to obtain a cleaner smartphone. The articles which can be used for cleaning are being provided in the links. Hope, these simple steps will solve the common problems encountered by the users.

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