How to clean PC ? | Make your PC look brand new in 3 Steps

Ever thought that you also need to clean PC? No, I am not talking about disk or cache memory cleanup, your PC also needs cleanup.

We always have a lot of expectations from our pc as we have built it with a lot of hard work, thus making this possible by spending lots of money to correctly structure it. So, when we are not able to get the desired level of performance, a deep thought always clouds our mind, letting us down.

But we should always analyse and think that there must be some genuine reason at the back end which is preventing the pc to function incorrectly. There must be some hidden thing which is leading to the malfunctioning of the system. The actual reason being the clogging of dust particles inside the pc peripherals which lead to the improper functioning of the system often. So, one must clean the pc in regular intervals in order to make it function properly. Here, cleaning refers to both the cleaning of hardware and software of the PC.

We will be providing here the best solution to the above stated problem along with all the things needed for the proper cleaning of a PC:


how to clean pc

This must be made crystal clear that this process of cleaning must be done every month at least twice. The peripherals are always needed to be kept clean as they are running on a daily basis for a huge amount of time, sometimes letting it to run the whole day and whole week too that is 24×7. So, this should be clearly stored in one’s mind, as keeping the PC clean will be beneficial not only for the peripherals but for the user too.

Every manufacturer of pc peripheral’s always mentions the facts and advantages of having a clean pc as they are aware of the value of that products and the performance level too which one can obtain. The manuals provided with the box sometimes specifies the procedures too, to keep the machine cleaner. This is the reason why one should always read and keep the manual safely as it comes to the rescue of the users in a number of situations.

What will happen if someone ignores to do this?

Not cleaning your pc won’t affect anyone other than the user itself. It will affect the pc peripherals by a great level thus resulting in the degradation of its life. Some popular brands always mention that due to lack of proper cleaning, the PC’s become irresponsive thus failing to provide the necessary performance and making the warranty go null for the product.

Damages occurred due to dust are never covered in warranty which results in wastage of money often when proper care is not taken. So, it is always advisable to keep the pc clean with the help of a cloth made of some microfiber material which prevents the occurrence of scratches thus giving it a new look as always.

Some cleaner recommendations

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Step By Step Guide

Total Time: 20 minutes

Disconnect the PC from mains

NZXT kraken m22 1

Switch OFF the main power supply connecting the PC.
Remove all the cables and the secondary wires attached to them.
Open the panel from both the sides and have a look at it carefully.

Clean the inner part of the cabinet

2 1

If you are using cloth to clean it, then never touch the sensitive parts with that as it may damage the product completely. Do not try to clean the RAM or GPU while they are attached to the motherboard. You just need to clean the bottom and upper part of the cabinet as well as the panels on both the sides. Buy a suitable product ideal for cleaning and then use it to clean gently. You can check out the products that we have listed above.

Check all the parts and reassemble the PC

3 1

After cleaning have a look at the disassembled parts thus reassembling them again.
Do all the processes stated above as shown in the pictures.

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This is the most important part to be considered while cleaning. The motherboard contains many tiny parts which are needed to be cleaned very gently with expert help. For cleaning those parts its better if one gets a vacuum mini cleaner as this won’t damage any parts and even clean the motherboard across every corner. A list of vacuum cleaners under 2000 INR is given in the table above.


It has the same process which I had stated earlier while describing the cleaning process of a motherboard. Here also one needs to clean the GPU with a vacuum cleaner, without the use of a cleaner, it is nearly impossible to clean a GPU properly that is part by part. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will give a long-lasting satisfaction as it cleans out all the dust particles stuck inside it. Cleaning the interior of a GPU without vacuum is very risky as one may need to disassemble the parts like fan, chipset board, cover plate and all and again reassembling it when the cleaning is over. This process of reassembling again is very difficult and cannot be done without the help of an experienced technician.


How to clean PC

Cleaning the monitor is the easiest part when the account of cleaning the other peripherals is being taken. The monitor screens are just needed to be cleaned with a soft delicate wiping cloth as using a rough cloth may result in scratches on the screen.
So, for cleaning this one should have a microfiber cloth along with a good gel cleaning kit. Cleaning with a gel gives an elegant new look to the screen. The details of some good kits are being attached with the article.


It is always necessary to wear hand gloves while cleaning these small parts as they are very sensitive, and are expensive too. While cleaning this part one needs to have an ordinary eraser worth 5 INR (0.08$) which is indeed very cheap and is available everywhere. Just use the eraser on the part which goes inside the motherboard by rubbing it gently and not by brute force. Stop when you see some difference that is when one obtains a cleaner look. Maximum time taken to clean a Ram properly is 5 minutes approximately.

The final advice is that one should have a stable mind while cleaning the delicate peripherals of a PC because a single mistake may lead to a serious damage, further resulting in the wastage of money.

How to clean a Smartphone/Mobile

If there is any problem after this while rebooting the PC, do not try to fix it yourself as you may damage the components, get an technician to fix it.

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