BSNL 5G- Launch Date, Super Network, Prepaid 5G Plans, Sim Price.

Excluding some people everyone knows that 5G is one of those current networks related technological feature for whom everyone is eagerly waiting. When we talk about the modern technology of telecommunication services which provides a huge count of carrier services by BSNL 5G all throughout India and which is in the course of success in India related to telecommunication systems which would be accessible throughout the nation.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, which is well known as a government network owned entity, running from a long time and now they are on a track in making deals with the international services for their BSNL 5g network working to bring a new era of BSNL 5g in India for the first time  and the Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) start enrolling few organizations also, which are nationwide to rule out the existing 4g technology, thus bringing a new change in the telecommunication sector of India which is being appreciated by the upcoming generation.


As we all know that the whole world started to move its course towards 5g networks, following this India’s own BSNL kicked off their 4g plans in India and tested the 5g plan with about 110 billion INR across 50k cities in every zone like south, north, west, east of the country. According to the news holder of telecommunication market the tender also includes the amount of INR 86.9 billion contract for the cities comes under metropolitan  like Mumbai, Delhi which will be going to be managed by their company subsidiary named as MTNL.

The ITI Limited, known to be a public-sector undertaking, will be going to set up the 4G network in the fifth zone cities. Although, it has the right to refuse, in that case the L1 bidder will be made ready deploy 4G in those zones which comes under the L1 rate. The government of India is paying a huge amount for 4G spectrum according to the revival package, which led to a funding of $2.1 billion, which had been announced in October last year.

As per the news and the rumor’s the Finance Ministry of INDIA, it is going to provide a sovereign guarantee of a huge amount of INR 150 billion to bring out this expansion. As per the reports of media, all vendors, including Samsung, will be ready to bid for the BSNL tender. Samsung is known to be the sole radio supplier to private-sector operator Reliance Jio and is not known for their great work with the other telco. Its participation BSNL tender comes as a surprise in the market. There is a delay in offering 4G services to subscribers as every operator is busy in making India a 5g band supported country.


Some of those vendors are ZTE, NOKIA, Coriant while we talk about some more other vendors which are present on the table as yet their names have not been leaked or released by the higher authority of the telecommunications department as we know that BSNL 5g has not been released globally except few countries, but let me tell you according to the chief of BSNL , they recently promised that they will be not be taking much time, BSNL will launch their latest high speed mobile network technology one the same day to that of the international launch day which every Indian is waiting for.

While comparing to others mobile operators in our country INDIA, BSNL is really showing their potential regarding their BSNL 5g networks in India and in year 2020 which might seem even pushing their limits off too.

Yes, if you are a BSNL users for a long time, you would know that they had become slow when it comes to the adoption of new mobile communication technologies because of their widespread organization reach. But this time the chief of BSNL promised to launch their BSNL 5G in India on the same day to that of the launch for the International day.


NEW DELHI /Tech Team – The telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) may introduce the BSNL 5G services across the world, start with its own country (India).


 BSNL Chief Anil Jain told the reporters, “The moment when the BSNL 5G service are made available across the world, probably the BSNL 5G services will start in India at the same time.”

When asked about the deadline, said the chief, “We are able to tell the time when BSNL 5G will start in India full-fledged at the particular moment but it will be announced shortly.” People all over the world are talking about starting of BSNL 5G service by June 2021 but, hopefully, we are in 2020, for the introduction of BSNL 5G service, they said that we were lagging behind in introducing of 5G technology. BSNL really didn’t want to lag behind the introduction of BSNL 5G across the country and world too.


Assuming that BSNL launches their 5G somewhere in the year 2021, but one might find that it would be a wiser idea to select the 5G plans and start using that service while 4g is also having a great capture in market. Every user might have this doubt that the connection won’t get efficient during the starter phase which is not fully right. All telecommunication companies including BSNL have started their work for accepting the 5G technology and on the other hand they have been trying to implant the hardware side for greater optimization on network.

Overall Thoughts

5G must be the mobile network to be functional across the world with a great speed that excels in speed, bandwidth and coverage.

Supporting no. of Devices: While in 4G we can accommodate less than 500 devices or so in a range of 1000 meters because of these installations of some good number of towers, but while 5G works with small network antennas that can easily support 1000 devices in a radius of 1000 meters with no setting with confusion.

High Speed

4G works on a radio frequency spectrum which is having a range of less than 6 GHz while the upcoming BSNL 5G  operates in the range between 30 GHz to 300 GHz range as it is quite large with high frequencies : The range of the high frequency  leads to the  speed that means the BSNL 5G can easily provide a better speed on  wide range of area with a support of more number of  devices too.

Request Data Switch

BSNL 5G devices comes with the support of features like switching the network from 4G to 5G and vice versa when you know that what kind of data is being requested, which can be easily being transmitted from your network operator.

Speed and Bandwidth

Most important feature to be looked at, is the bandwidth, which refers to the amount of data which is going to be allowed to be used over a of day or month depending upon the plan you choose.

While from the telecommunication services, the speed of BSNL 5G will be 10 times faster from their 4G connection which mean that bandwidth will gradually increase from 10 to 20 times more than the normal 4G data plans.

Minimum Download Speed

5G comes with a minimum download speed of around 20Gbps as 4G is available only at a limit of 1Gbps.

BSNL 5G Launch Date

As we all know that in some cities the 4g network of BSNL had been set up recently with some updated towers and with fully optimized operators, and in this gap BSNL just announced that BSNL 5g is going to arrive early and with some updated operators in metropolitan cities and also this will lead to a good employment service in India. Hopefully witnessing the speed of BSNL 5g by the end of 2021 to see that how seamless streaming one will experience while having web search, videos, online games.

BSNL 5G Prepaid Plans, Sim Price

BSNL has announced their offer which will be offering the actual 5GB data for free on select recharge plans. The free data comes with the validity of 22 days and will be given to the customers have the benefit of recharging their accounts using the operator’s multi-recharge facility. The new development of BSNL comes after BSNL launched its prepaid recharge plan with a validity of 80 days of Rs.399.

The state telecommunication departments also discontinued their tariff voucher priced at Rs. 399 and recharge voucher at Rs. 1,699 in some states such as Tamil Nadu. The latest announcement made by the BSNL Chennai division through the  notice posted on their official page on Twitter. The 5GB high-speed additional data benefit will be available with the recharge of Rs. 98, Rs. 99, Rs. 118, Rs. 187, Rs. 319 special tariffs as Rs. 186, Rs. 429, Rs. 666, and Rs. 1,999 recharge plans.

The additional data will be provided to customers who initiate their second or third recharge before the expiry of their existing recharge. This offer is valid till November 19 BSNL confirmed that while it has been announced by the Chennai division for BSNL 5g. The customers in any BSNL circles can easily avail this additional 5GB high-speed data benefit. The benefit of this data is notably valid only for 22 days, though.

BSNL 5G Globally

Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited was given 4G spectrum before the same was available to the private sector, with the condition that the BSNL should pay the price of the spectrum as determined by the auction later after this. It is more than likely that BSNL may provide their 5G spectrum before the auction held, which is scheduled to take place in the September-October time period.

However, 10 years ago, BSNL was unable to pay cash for the spectrum being allocated for it. As because they have very little financial capacity of the accumulated losses of Rs 1 lakh crore and the 5G spectrum cost around Rs 30,000-40,000 cr. However, the government will allow all buyers including BSNL and private operators to enter long-term payment schemes for this.

This allows these companies to take possession of this, launching the data services with it, and then proceed with the 5G business after paying for the spectrum. However, time will tell how successful BSNL will be in generating revenue from a 5G data service. The company had previously failed to make the enough use of the 4G spectrum that was given to it without any auction in 2010, which resulted in pushing the public sector operator to near irrelevance terms in a market that was dominated by other data services providers. Meanwhile, the past allocation of spectrum to BSNL happened during April-June this year bringing down the total quantum of 5G spectrum put up for auction.

While globally, about 600 MHz of spectrum has been identified as 5G-suitable, in India, only 275 MHz is available for 5G services due to the low utilization of certain bands by satellites as low amount of data used by this spectrum in this brand. Ideally, companies would like to roll out their 5G service on 100 MHz of spectrum. However, since the four operators including the BSNL it is possible that the government are going to give BSNL 50 MHz thus leaving 225 MHz to be allocated to the other three operators.

It is also possible that some operators such as Vodafone Idea will not purchase 5G spectrum across the country instead buy the license of airwaves areas where the company have the strong market share — such as Maharashtra, Haryana, Mumbai, Kerala and Karnataka, this data is notably valid only for 22 days though.

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