M.2 vs SATA. Which one is good? Genuine Review.

M.2 vs SATA is the burning topic for questions in every tech enthusiast’s minds as there is a drastic competition going on around us regarding the storage utilities in the pc world. This is a common question and one out of every three person has this in their minds, even forcing them to read various articles across the web, letting them attend a number of workshops too but all in vain as very few articles or workshops answer this question in detail, thus creating a huge mess in the young minds

General difference between the M.2 and SATA

Supports multiple storageIt is a bus interface strictly for data
Supports both SATA and PCIe storageSupports its own interface
Still running in ill- advisedSATA devices are hot pluggable
Small in sizeIs larger than M.2 by a small dimension
Price is higher that any SATAPrice is moderate

Actually, the persons conducting the workshops or articles know the answer but very few of them are able to communicate it to the common people who have very little or zero technical knowledge. This comparison of M.2 vs SATA has a really simple meaning which is: that M.2 supports multiple storage while SATA only supports single disk thread and to know about this in more detail, kindly go through this article.

What is M.2?

The M.2 allows us to connect the respective storage path in appropriate manner and with  a tiny screw providing a huge difference in the performance as it gets directly connected with the motherboard without any route preference or without any system permission.

M.2 sockets is often found in many servers and motherboards of desktops too and this is also a necessary part of the new generation data storage.

Formally it is known to be the NEXT GENERATION FORM FACTOR (NGFF). M.2 has created a new market for ease of data storage while SATA of 2.5 inch is also getting sold in bundles and it is not specified anywhere that SATA is a bad choice.

In 2018 April , south Korean brand Samsung launched its 970 EVO PRO series which created a new hype  in the market as its made a huge difference between the speed of SATA and M.2 giving rise to confusion in the minds of every gamer regarding the choice between the two and hence the question arises of which being better that is M.2 vs SATA, not only gamers but the disk brands have also readily created their own M.2 NVME and this thing has made a new technological advancement.

M.2 vs SATA

Comparing M.2 vs SATA, M.2 slots are arranged without any wire, to be placed gently and simply without any issue being very easy to install it. It gets attached after using a specific screw size of 20 x 3mm.

Note: Never lose the M.2 screw because this will result into the creation of a great number of problems, only because of that tiny peripheral screw so it should be dealt with great care or it is best to assign the work to an experienced technician.

M.2 not only supports SATA but also PCie (peripheral component interconnect express) although both cannot be configured at the same time in a given M.2 SSD. This also supports USB 3.0, WIFI, NFC in some specific configurations.

Talking about the reading speed a SATA based M.2 is limited by maximum of 600 MB/s. but an M.2 SSD that support PCIe enables to use NVME, a low latency host controller interface specification that reaches a at unreliable speed of 4GB/s, delivering an impactable performance.


SATA stands for Serial ATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is usually used to connect ATA hard drives to computer via motherboard. SATA gives a transfer rate of 150MBps and this can be observed that it gives a faster speed, better than the fastest 100MBps ATA 100 drivers. For this likely reason, SATA has been replaced from the Parallel ATA which had been in use since the 1980s.

On behalf of faster transfer rates, the SATA interface provides several advantages over PATA interface. SATA drives has their own independent bus. So, there is no comparison when the bandwidth is taken into consideration, like PATA. PATA also uses smaller, thinner cables for a better airflow in computer but SATA uses longer cables measuring that of one meter where PATA cables measures a maximum of 40cm. Finally, SATA uses the 7 conductors while parallel ATA uses 40. This also means that there are more chances of electromagnetic interference with SATA device on your computer. This SATA is maintained by serial ATA  organization.


For speed comparison just have a look in the market, about the higher price offered by the flagship provider Samsung. For the sake of simplicity, the M.2 specifications were not designed by the spinning disk, and here the SATA drivers get ignored by the superior performance when compared with M.2.

Samsung has recently launched their new M.2 named 970 EVO pro series with up to 3TB storage with the 2280 form factor (22mm by 80 mm) and they have also used the PCIe 3.0 channels x 4 and because of this reason, the M.2 has reached the reading speed of up to 3500 MB/s and the write speed of up to 2700 MB/s.

Going with the comparison centring the 860 evo series, the manufacturer has also used 2280 form factor in this which can hit the read speed of maximum 500 MB/s and write speed of maximum 520 MB/s.

Everyone has the same question that when the same form factor is used in both the hardware’s the why there is a huge speed difference between 860 evo and 970 evo. This is because 860 evo is equipped with the SATA 3.0 version and the 970 EVO is configured with M.2 paired with PCIe 3.0 channel. This has led to a huge price difference between: M.2 970 evo pro 1TB comes with a MRP of 400$ whereas the SATA 860 evo has a MRP of 300$

Why we should go for M.2 SSD’s?

  • Performance- this is always the first priority when one is investing a great amount of money and M.2 wins over the SATA’s clearly in this factor.
  • Huge Flash Storage in a Server Chassis – The whole article specifies that M.2 uses the PCIe slot mechanism and that is the answer itself.
  • Premium look The OEMs look like M.2 as it can add storage in a tiny card and that is what M.2 is doing.
  • Cable management The best part is that, it comes with a  tiny screw and doesn’t include any cable which also provides a premium look to the pc along with peace of mind for free.

Why we should go for SATA ?

  • Good performance – It is not mentioned anywhere that SATA SSD’s are not performing well but when M.2 vs SATA queries are being answered then the former wins, but SATA’S are also great when the price is being considered.
  • Widespread Support– As we all know that SATA has a long history in the past with no shortage of vendors allowing wares for true storage technology in the future.

So, the last view when seen on the basis of market and the performance then M.2 is the best choice one can make but when the budget is the main concern then SATA’S are obviously better. Thus, this clears the common doubts related to M.2 vs SATA.


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