Will Valorant have new servers in India? Officials confirm it! Gamers, Rejoice. [2020]

Do you also complaint about high ping, while playing valorant despite having a great network connection? Then the problem maybe with the servers not your connection.

Valorant is a free to play multiplayer gamer, which has started to create a new hype giving rise to some new skills along with the production of new players in this community. Servers of Valorant has some amount of similarity with CS GO, but when seen in-depth it has a lot of great different aspect with a similarity of 10 percent when CS GO is taken into account. This feeling of similarity is obtained in servers of valorant, because they have just introduced a collective set of characters similar to CS GO, with some minor changes of special abilities in servers of valorant.

People first tried to play this game casually, eventually receiving a great amount of response and crossing many benchmarks as well, terming it to be one of the highest rated games being played all around the country. Servers of valorant had announced a tournament globally, winning the hearts of gamers by their optimization of graphics.


Gamers always love to play games in smooth FPS with less consumption of data or in less strong internet connectivity. This is only possible when the servers are placed nearer to each other that is having a great mutual connectivity between them, but it is not that easy to place a number of servers/server in any country, it requires a good number of permissions to be granted from the government of the respective country along with a strong root of support from the gaming community as well.


Servers is not only important for gamers while playing games but it is also required for the proper functioning of specific tournaments which are scheduled to be held across the world, comprising the different countries. The only reason for death of PUBG (PC) in India is due to the non-existence of proper servers, gamers ruin their gameplay due to the unavailability of the good network connection in our country thus prohibiting them to compete against professional players around the globe, hence servers of valorant is trending nowadays making PUBG an outdated game.


This is the common question being asked by the gamers all around India, thus creating an environment of tension and toxicity, which eventually subsided when a few days before, a tweet came up officially from servers of valorant in twitter to clear all the doubts amidst the speculations. A news was leaked that a huge number of servers are going to be launched in few days across the country thus making the servers of valorant successful in India too.

The good news now is: The servers are live now already and right now it is in test mode, eventually making it live in full-fledged basis with a huge ping advantage to Indian gamers very soon, thus making the gamers happy all around the country. Players are waiting eagerly to play the servers of valorant, once it is launched fully.


Servers are going to be launched first in MUMBAI by the creators of the servers of valorant, most of the launching takes place in Mumbai itself thus making it a special hub for gamers, the people of that particular place where the servers are launched always obtain a higher ping compared to the other places. Although it is not a big deal, players are still happy by transformation of ping to 10-50 from 100-200.

A special thanks to the creators of the servers of valorant for launching the servers in our country and for opening a new set of challenges in-front of the gamers, making them prone to achieve a newer experience altogether. They are constantly working hard to fix all the issues/bugs to provide a smoother gaming experience.



    In CS GO the movement with knife is much faster than the servers of valorant, but this doesn’t prove any remarkable difference between these two legendary games, both are good in its own terms.

  2. VALORANT DROPS, how to enable it?

    One just needs to do the TWITCH account with the RIOT account and switch on the live stream. Enabling VALORANT drops works in a similar fashion as to receive them.

  3. VALORANT KEY, how long does it take to get?

    There is no perfect answer to this question.

  4. Is VALORANT easy to play?

    The more you play valorant the more you realize that there is no limitation of a good play and there is always a good space for competition in FPS games.

  5. Does FRAME RATE play vital role while playing VALORANT?

    Frame per second (FPS), is the most important part for playing these kinds of games, this is the only part where gamers are used to waste a lot of money, so this must be considered as the most vital part of games.

  6. Can we play servers of valorant in a low-end PC?

    Yes, RIOT valorant will definitely run on low-end pc with their settings being optimized as the requirements to play valorant is somewhat higher than a low-end pc.

  7. How to fix valorant anti cheat?

    Re install riot vanguard, it will hardly take 10 minutes to start working, once properly fixed.

  8. Storage need for servers of valorant?

    Around 8gb of the installation disk is required.

  9. Valorant will made a competitive game or not?

    Yes, in fact so many competitions have already been started

  10. What are graphics’ differences between valorant and CS GO?  

    Both have different graphics settings with different designs of maps so no proper comparison can be done.

Day by day servers of valorant is getting more famous between the new gamers and by the professional gamer community as well, and after the news of Valorant servers in INDIA being launched, this game has become a daily dose for most of the players who need some time to grow themselves for competitive gaming.

And about the servers RIOT have promised, they won’t let us down and provide a seamless and excellent gaming experience in INDIA and the rest of the south Asia region servers as well.


To download servers of valorant, simply go on to the website here.

NVIDIA has already released the game drivers for VALORANT for a better experience and one can download it from the given link here.

In addition to the upcoming new servers, team valorant is exploring all other areas as well, such as mobile and console link PS & XBOX as confirmed by ANNA DONLON, the executive producer of VALORANT at RIOT games.

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