NZXT Kraken M22(120mm) Review| New Updated Software| Killer Performance

NZXT Kraken M22 is a budget range AIO which comes with a single fan and lots of features accompanied with the box by NZXT. This is one of the strongest liquid coolers with a single fan, enabling it to cool a large thread CPU, providing along with it a great performance by controlling the temperature of it.


Infinity mirror design with individual addressable RGB light.
For complete software control CAM will be helpful.
For optimization of fan they have included AER P120 radiator.
For fully dynamic lightning experience one will get those advanced lightning modes to be controlled by CAM.
For durability, extended tubing is provided in NZXT m22.
A 3-year Warranty solves all the problems encountered.

Primary 240mm coolers are known to be good but the NZXT KRAKEN M22 just broke all the records thus allowing it to be known as one of the best products in terms of its design.

Comparing this with the other coolers of various other brands like corsair, cooler master, Thermaltake, we get all the results by doing some tests like benchmark which allows us to see something new from the brand of NZXT regarding their NZXT KRAKEN M22.   


The NZXT KRAKEN M22 provides us the features of two individual addressable channels of RGB with their brand signature engraved towards the front where they have included a glass which looks like an amoled display although it’s a normal thermal glass provided by NZXT on NZXT KRAKEN M22.

Their signature is given for the purpose of showcasing the stunning lights for the use of their CAM’s intuitive controls. They have included one well designed fan too with zero percent of noise production and a good ventilation allowing air flow with four screws giving the fans a total premium look.

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We strongly believe that the test which we are going to conduct will provide you a proper detail not only about NZXT KRAKEN M22 but also about entire cooler AIO itself.

While conducting thermal testing on NZXT KRAKEN M22 we have to look out some important details like the surroundings that is the environment.

nzxt kraken m22

We are going to test this on the following specifications of a pc:

  • CPU – RYZEN 5 3600
  • RAM – CORSAIR 16GB 3000 MHZ
  • GPU – 1050 TI 4GB DUAL FAN

The cores are locked at 3.8ghz of the processor which will provide the accurate temperature making it easier to calculate the score of the NZXT M22.

nzxt 2

Further checking on the software provided by NZXT known as CAM

So, from the given result we can check the temperature of NZXT KRAKEN M22 as it cools ryzen 5 3600 and the moderate temperature of this is 70-80 degree, and while doing some normal work one will easily obtain a temperature of 50 -65 degree. So NZXT KRAKEN M22 proved here that they have not only provided a premium look product, but is also packed with lots of features to increase the performance of NZXT KRAKEN M22.

While looking at the exterior design one can experience a premium look, and they have also done a good job thus making the cooling device perform well in a small design too.

In the top of the NZXT KRAKEN M22 one will get a MINI – B USB header port which is tucked at the top of NZXT KRAKEN M22 and there they have also provided an infinite mirror with a bezel with a fully optimized controlled NZXT logo which have been made to face towards the user.

On the back of the NZXT KRAKEN M22 fan which is known to be radiator, is the thing which one won’t be able to control with the CAM software along with the curve of NZXT KRAKEN M22. This is because the Pump is mounted at the top of the CPU bloc by the manufacturer, the PMW cable allows the heat exchanger to sneak out from the centre of that 120MM aluminium heat exchanger in NZXT KRAKEN M22.


  • Thickness – 1.125” (28.6mm)
  • Width –  4.75”(120.7mm)
  • Depth – 6.15”(156.1mm)
  • Pump height –2.08”(52.9mm)
  • Controller –BIOS
  • Cooling fan – 1x 120 mm
  • Connectors – 1x 3-pin,
  • Weight–
  • Intel sockets–2066, 2011x, 1366, 115x
  • AMD sockets– AM2(+), AM3(+),AM(+), FM1, FM(+)
  • warranty– 3years

Since, the NZXT KRAKEN M22 uses a single 120mm radiator, the footprint which is to be installed is rather compact, making this a good choice for smaller form factor, advantageous for home build. On the cooling block the I/O parts exists at 90 degree to that of a very smooth and suitable position of the tubing. The NZXT KRAKEN M22 consists of an I/O part on the radiator, which is immobile. One won’t get any issues with its memory DIMMs or any system hardware.

Some results of the tests performed are being described below:

The NZXT KRAKEN M22 performs as a beast while going for the temperature test with the RYZEN 5 3600 at 3. 60GHz.The minimum temperature we found is 47 degree. The maximum temperature we found is 65 degree.

While comparing to others NZXT KRAKEN M22 performed really well as RYZEN 5 3600 almost reached to a minimum temperature of 65 degree with fan coolers and other stock coolers.


The NZXT KRAKEN M22 single Aer P120 just created a massive difference between lots of the fans of the AIO with its premium look and premium performance, adjusted to a distance of 1m. A lot of changes were seen in the design by which the NZXT KRAKEN M22 single AERs 120 mm fans smacked in the middle of all tested liquid coolers.


This part of our test was much important than the others because performance was being taken into account along with its look too, so NZXT again proved itself by premium brand power here in NZXT KRAKEN M22. We received a very little sound which can be easily neglected and after going closer to it, no sound was received while sealing the cabinet with its side panel.

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Will the NZXT Kraken M22 Liquid CPU Cooler be sufficient enough to cool an i9-9900k processor at stock clock speeds?

The NZXT kraken M22 is a budget range AIO which comes with a single fan but with lots of features included in the box by NZXT. This is one of the strongest liquid coolers with a single fan having the capability to cool a large thread CPU along with its performance by handling the temperature of it. Primary 240mm cooler are known to be good but the NZXT KRAKEN M22 is the best and can also  be termed as a stylish product when seen though the aspect of its design. The NZXT KRAKEN M22 performs as a beast while going for the temperature test with the RYZEN 5 3600 at 3.60GHz. The minimum temperature we found was 47 degree and the maximum was found to be 65 degree. So, from here it can be told that, it will easily cool i9 9900k for most of cases, but if you have i9 9900k then there must be some heavy work too which you will do as you have purchased a high duty processor, so I would suggest you to purchase a 240mm or 360mm cooler, thus never letting you down with its performance and temperature.

What is your review of the NZXT Kraken M22?

When this is being compared with the other coolers with different brands like corsair, cooler master, Thermaltake, we will get a variety of results by doing some test like benchmark test, temperature test etc and truly saying one is going to see an unique professional performance by the NZXT KRAKEN M22, passing all the tests easily giving the best results than all the other brands.   

Why is my NZXT Kraken logo still on after shutdown?

Generally, we feel that after the shutting down of our pc, it gets turned off because of the sensors present thus prohibiting them to provide any general output after this, but there is a communication gap created for the electricity supplier as they are not aware of this and only understands the turning ON/OFF of the switches. So, once the switch has been turned off that is the psu switch, then there won’t be any lights found switched on inside the CPU. Otherwise one may always find it turned on, as the logo has been really provided with a good look and the lightning further makes it look awesome.

Is the Kraken M22 enough for a Ryzen 5 2600 processor?

The NZXT KRAKEN M22 performs as a beast while going for the temperature test with the RYZEN 5 3600 at 3.60GHz. The minimum temperature we found is 47 degree. The maximum temperature we found is 65 degree. While comparing with others NZXT KRAKEN M22 performed better as RYZEN 5 3600 reaches a maximum of 65 degree, with fan coolers and other stock coolers. This must have cleared that the RYZEN  5 2600 will give a superb performance after getting cooled with the NZXT M22.

Can I use an NZXT M22 to overclock an i7 9700K?

Yes you can , but let me tell you that overclocking is always used to boost the processor performance by increasing the clock speed, so the processor needs to have  the best cooling and if one fails to provide it then it will create a number of problems resulting in the wear and tear of it, thus affecting its longevity. I am not saying that M22 will be bad choice but overclocking an I7 9700k requires a better cooling so I would suggest you to go for any top brand providing 240 mm or 360 mm coolers.


So, it is always advised to invest money accordingly and smartly that is the peripherals which would provide great performance along with all the other necessities. NZXT always provides a great customer service along with good products too. When the budget is being taken into consideration, the product is really a budget friendly one.

The NZXT KRAKEN M22 is probably one of the best high performing liquid cooler that not only gives one an attractive styling but also provides an infinite mirror with RGB along with the support of current INTEL and AMDs  processor sockets.

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